Things To Cook On The Bbq

How to make Great barbecue?

How to make Great barbecue?

It’s outdoor dining month here at The sun is out, as are the terrible T-shirt suntans, and that means one thing: barbecue season. Let’s face it – most of us are terrible barbecuers. If we’re not cremating sausages, we’re probably poisoning our friends. It’s strange that we pick the method of cooking that needs possibly the most concentration on days when all…

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Best Grill BBQ

Best Grill BBQ

Texas barbecue has no peer on earth. If you’re reading this in Texas, you may wonder why we need to begin with such an obvious statement, but there are people who contend otherwise. In Kansas City they tout paltry slices of gray beef covered in sweet ketchup; the whole thing resembles cold cuts more than barbecue, which is why their arguments generally center on sauce rather…

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Easy Meat to Grill

Easy Meat to Grill

[Photographs: Joshua Bousel, Shao Z, J. Kenji Lopez-Alt] Can t decide what to make for the biggest cook-out holiday of the year? We ve got you covered. From smoky ribs to spiced kebabs, juicy pork chops, and spicy chicken wings, we have 16 great excuses to fire up your grill this Fourth of July. Before you get started, make sure you know how to these common grilling mistakes…

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