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Different Grilling Ideas

Skirt SteakThere’s nothing worse than buying yourself a nice steak for dinner, and then ruining the meat with a grilling misstep. Even though they make for a hearty meal, steaks require a little finesse to cook perfectly. To grill your favorite cut just right, take the advice of a few Food Network stars.

Skirt Steak
High heat helps this long, flat cut achieve a flavorful sear, but be careful not to overcook it; the meat can quickly become tough and chewy.Flank Steak Marcela Valladolid marinates the skirt steak in this recipe in citrus and beer to tenderize it.

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Flank Steak
Another lean cut, flank steak can be even tougher than skirt steak, Bobby Flay reminds us. A marinade can help combat that.Boneless Rib-Eye He grills his balsamic-glazed steak over high heat for three minutes on each side, then over indirect heat for five more minutes.

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Boneless Rib Eye
Thicker cuts of steak with more marbling, such as boneless rib eyes or New York strip steaks, can be juicier and more tender. Allow the meat to come to room temperature before grilling, so it will cook more evenly. Pat the meat dry and sear it over the hotter side of the grill until it easily releases from the grates; finish the meat over indirect heat.

Bone-in cuts mean even more flavor, and their hearty size allows them to stand up to lots of seasoning. As advised with other cuts, start with dry, room-temperature meat, and aim for a crispy sear for great grilling success.

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Filet Mignon
There’s no need to overpower this tender and delicate (and, yes, pricier) cut of meat. Bobby likes to grill it about three minutes per side, and in this recipe, he amps up the flavor with a ginger-lime dressing.

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