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Low-Fat BBQ recipes

While mouthwateringly delicious, traditional barbecue foods like ribs and creamy coleslaws are not exactly healthy. From better-for-you hot dog toppings to healthier ice cream ideas, I've got 10 ideas to lighten up your holiday weekend barbecue.

healthy hot dog

__Switch to Sprouted-Grain Buns.__For your own buns of steel, switch out conventional, processed hot dog and hamburger buns for this more nutritious option. These unprocessed grains are high in fiber and rich in protein. They also don't contain additives or preservatives like processed bread, so they don't last as long on shelves—look for them in the freezer section of your supermarket. The first ingredient should include the words "sprouted wheat."

Use Mustard. Most ketchups and barbecue sauces contain corn syrup and/or white sugar, so a healthier topping for your hot dog or hamburger is definitely the yellow stuff.

Pile On the Sauerkraut. Load up your hot dog and top your potato salad with lots and lots of sauerkraut—it boosts digestion, is high in fiber, and even contains probiotic enzymes. To get the max health benefits, opt for the fresh "unpasteurized" sauerkraut, which can be found in the refrigerated section of your supermarket.

Serve Farmers' Market Veggies. Whatever veggies you can find at your local farmers' market, load em up on your hamburger or hot dog! The addition of veggies will fill you up, so you may not even crave that extra helping. My favorite veggie toppings: shredded kale, tomatoes, radishes, and hot peppers.

Use Organic Meat. Opt for organic and grass-fed beef whenever possible. Organic ensures that the beef doesn't have hormones and antibiotics in it. Don't eat red meat? Swap for organic ground chicken or turkey, or even chicken or turkey sausage.

Switch to Bean Chips. Bite after bite of guacamole and corn tortilla chips can leave you feeling bloated and too full. Bean chips are a better choice because they're tasty and high in protein and fiber. Serve them with your salsa and guac.

Sprinkle on Sea Salt. Seasonings tend to add a ton of sodium to your food. Put down the table salt and barbecue rubs and just use a tiny sprinkling of sea salt and black pepper instead. Sea salt varieties that have an off-white, grayish, or pink tint (think Himalayan or Celtic) are super flavorful and pure.

__Avocado, Not Mayo.__Swap the artery-clogging creamy mayo with slices of heart-healthy avocado instead. You can also mix it into potato salad and coleslaw, and smash some on your burger for an indulgent barbecue treat.

__Coconut Milk Ice Cream.__No barbecue is complete without some cold and creamy ice cream. But since dairy causes bloating and digestive problems for many (not to mention that all the fat in traditional cream doesn't come with any benefits) opt for a nondairy coconut milk or almond milk ice cream instead. Serve it like a DIY sundae bar—straight out of the carton with some bowls of cutup strawberries, unsweetened coconut flakes, and dark chocolate chips.

Serve Coconut Water Cocktails. Instead of caloric beer, keep your guests buzzed with this cooling, sweet beverage instead. Coconut water is high in electrolytes and super hydrating on a hot day. Pour some into a pitcher with some fresh or frozen pineapple or raspberries and a few shots of (good quality) vodka for the perfect healthified summery cocktail.

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