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3 Must-Know Tips to Leverage Facebook at (2)Whether you’re throwing an event for 500 people or 5 people, there is tremendous value in . Everyone goes to events, finding a unique venue is critical to keeping the conversation going. The space you choose says something about your brand. Is your brand original, disruptive, and ahead of the trend? Here are some of my favorite venues for 2015, some new and some that you probably didn’t think of that will intrigue and excite your guests.

Did you ever think you could party next to towering dinosaurs or have dinner in a room full of precious gems? Nothing embodies sophistication more than this museum. The 162, 000 square foot museum occupies four floors of stunning exhibits including a planetarium and butterfly center. Whether you are planning a cocktail hour for 20, or, your guests will cherish a truly unforgettable experience.

Untitled design (27)Brooklyn is quickly growing and starting to overshadow Manhattan as . As a converted bank, the elegant hand- cut marble floor looks amazing under the high, vaulted ceilings of the main hall. Millions were spent to restore and renovate the 20, 000 square foot space, keeping in-tact the grandeur of the historic building. Guest will feel like a Rockefeller or Carnegie when attending an event in this grand space. Event capacity is up to 1, 000.

Recently renovated, Revolution Hall opened its doors for the first time in 30 years just a few months ago. In true hipster fashion, the front of the building still bears its original name “George Washington High School.” The 113, 500 square foot building now has 2 bars, a 850-seat auditorium, and a rooftop deck with 360-degree views of the growing city. If you ever got caught sneaking a drink in the staircase or fantasized about throwing an epic dance party at your alma mater, this is your perfect opportunity.

, the hotel has 29, 000 square feet devoted to modern ballrooms and meeting spaces for up to 700 seated guests. Located near the Chicago River and Lake Michigan, Loews has is a versatile combination of indoor and outdoor spaces, perfect for any stylish event. As if the 50-story glass tower wasn’t impressive enough, wow your guests with the largest rooftop bar in Chicago and stunning views of the most happening Midwest city.

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