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2016-12-15-1481829350-1518212-roastbeeftenderloin.jpgThis show-stopping beef tenderloin with a deeply flavored, richly colored red wine sauce is delicious and deceptively simple. The sauce can be prepared mostly ahead of time so there's very little fussing at the last minute.

This classic dish involves layering thinly sliced potatoes with heavy cream (a lot of it!) and grated cheese in a gratin dish, and then baking it until the cream reduces and blankets the potatoes in a rich, creamy sauce.

Chicken Marbella is probably the most famous dish to come out of the beloved by Julie Rosso and the late Sheila Lukins. The chicken is marinated a day ahead in garlic and herbs, and then baked with wine, brown sugar, prunes, capers and green olives.

This rolled turkey breast with sausage stuffing beats a basic roast turkey any day of the year. Not only does it cook in just 1-1/4 hours, it can be made entirely ahead of time and is a cinch to carve.

Most holiday sweet potato dishes are sweet enough to be dessert. But these mashed sweet potatoes are flavored with smoky, spicy chipotle peppers and sharp cheddar cheese, making them truly savory.


You can't beat meltingly tender short ribs slow-cooked in a sweet and tangy BBQ sauce. And here's the best part: only 15 minutes of prep work and the oven does the rest.

With a fluffy inside and a toasty crust, these rich and buttery biscuits are the best to ever come out of my oven. You can throw the dough together in ten minutes and enjoy the biscuits with your meal less than fifteen minutes later.

You can't go wrong with a basic roast turkey for Christmas, and this is the easiest one you'll ever make. Serve it with stuffing, an over-the-top delicious gravy and cranberry sauce.


Perfect for the holidays because it can be made ahead, this creamy Brussels sprouts gratin with a crunchy topping is always a crowd-pleaser.

This sausage and herb stuffing relies on store bought stuffing cubes, which eliminates the step of slicing and drying out the bread. Believe me, when you are using a pound of sausage and an entire stick of butter, the bread does not matter much!

In this festive dish, chicken is immersed in a honey, citrus, and chili-infused marinade, and then roasted on a sheet pan with carrots and dates. Before serving, herbs, scallions and pistachios are added for freshness, color, and crunch. Everything can be prepared and assembled a day in advance, so all that's left to do at dinnertime is pop it in the oven.


With so many other flavors on the table, it's perfectly fine to keep your green vegetable simple. This dish has only three ingredients, but is much more than the sum of its parts.

Bake your stuffing separate from the bird so that you can make it ahead of time and ensure that it gets nice and crispy on top. This version, loaded with an earthy mix of onions and vegetables, pairs beautifully with simple roast turkey.

Dried cranberries and toasted walnuts make this carrot slaw a colorful addition to your holiday feast. Plus, it's delicious with turkey sandwiches the next day.

If you're a beet lover, you'll love (and maybe even obsess over) these simply prepared, gorgeous beets. They're oven-roasted, which intensifies their natural sweetness, and then tossed in a tart and syrupy balsamic reduction.

This has got to be the easiest butternut squash soup recipe ever. You start with pre-cut squash from the supermarket, then basically throw everything in a pot, simmer it, purée it and you're done. It's still everything you expect a classic butternut squash soup to be: silky, slightly sweet and full of flavor.

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