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BBQ recipes Weber

Add the 5-6 wood chunks to the coals now and close the lid

5. Once the smoker has started to smoke, place the shoulder on top rack (fat side facing up, bones towards the bottom).

6. Smoke/cook for at least 5 hours, then start checking the internal temperature every 30 minutes. The lamb is done when the meat has pulled back to expose more of the bones and the internal temperature reaches 195F in at least 3 places.

7. After the lamb has cooked, remove from the smoker, cover loosely with foil and allow let it rest for 20-30% of the cooking time (about 45-60 minutes) in a warm place.

8. Once the lamb has rested, pull the meat apart, just like pulling the meat from a pork shoulder (if the meat is very hot, use the “bear claws” to help with the shredding). It should shred easily. If it is too tough, the meat has not cooked long enough. If this is the case, cover with foil and cook at 250F for another 30 minutes and check again.

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