Summer BBQ Parties |

Summer BBQ Parties

Bringing members, students and charterer's guests together

Cap off a great day of sailing with a delicious food, refreshments and great company. OCSC’s summer member events are an OCSC tradition, and everyone is invited! We're hosting a BBQ Party from 4pm-6pm and we would love to see you here. Plan on having great music, cold refreshments and good company. We also have volleyball, basketball, frisbee and lots more!

OCSC members can form their crew and sail for the full day, then join us back at the club for hamburgers and hot dogs. Or, if you're looking for sailing companions for next time, you can just attend the BBQ at 4 pm. Either way, we always have a great time, and you're always welcome, so be sure to join us.

These member events are also a good opportunity for anyone who is interested in getting into sailing to learn more about OCSC and all that we have to offer. We offer tours of our fleet and facilities and we’ll be happy to sit down with you and answer all your questions from how to get started with sailing lessons to scheduling and chartering sailboats from us.


  • Before 4pm: Go sailing with friends and family in the San Francisco Bay
  • 4pm - 6pm: Social BBQ Party


Free for Everyone
Includes food, entertainment, drinks, and two alcoholic beverages.


150 people maximum.
This is a great chance to bring friends and family to OCSC for a non-sailing event.


Please call 800.223.2984 to make your reservation

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