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Omit the ketchup and substitute tomato sauce for ketchup (do this with everything involving ketchup to avoid 'high fructose' corn syrup) and you have a winner!

This recipe is delicious as written. If you are worried about too much sugar, simply omit the brown sugar. Changing the ketchup to tomato sauce totally alters the taste.

I'm from NE PA so I really though this was real barbecue growing up. This is just like my mother's recipe and a staple at all of our family gatherings. So easy with great results AND you basic...

I have been making this recipe for years (except that I also add 1.5 T of worchestershire sauce) and it is a family favorite.

Fantastic! Came across this recipe when I was bored with making hamburgers and spaghetti sauce. It's a sloppy-joe like meal, but with a totally different taste. Very sweet/sour, will definite...

It's an easy sloppy joe recipe. I tripled the filling and froze it for future quick dinners.

Well, this was a surprise. Except for the vinegar, the sauce of this "barbecue" is the same mixture my mother always used atop her meatloaves. Just that little touch of vinegar turned the corner...

Terrific barbecue sandwiches! This isn't the typical barbecue beef we are used to as it isn't tomatoey, smoky, or peppery, but it is great. I let this simmer about an hour and only used 1/2 an o...

I made this a few months back (weird, my review seems to have vanished) for my boys (as in husband and two kids) as they like any kind of meat dish you slap into a bun. I did add a mess of fresh...

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