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I used an air cooker instead of grilling - always too afraid they will fall apart. In lieu of the individual spices, I used Costco's salt free blend of spices.

After reading the reviews about the grill catching fire, I decided to put the fish on non stick Reynolds wrap. I folded up all the corners and got an excellent crisp with all the flavor grilled ...

Delicious! I used the grill and turned it on high for 5 min and then cooked them on low.

I found this very hard to BBQ on the grill. The butter would cause flames when I tried to flip the fish over and could only cook on one side. But the flavour was pretty good.

Awesome flavored. I've made this a number of times and the only change was to reduce the butter by half and pan fry. Perfect!

We tried this recipe and thought it was great, the seasonings were enough to taste but not overwhelm the mild fish. I did as one person suggested and made a container out of foil, sprayed light...

It caused a fire on my grill so won't be doing that again. The butter mixture smelled amazing so in going to try it in the Oven next time.

Made this with Alaskan frozen cod fillets tonight in the oven at 450 for about 20 minutes. They were thinner fillets; maybe an inch tapering down to a quarter of an inch. I doubled it for 6, but...

Ok. The seasoning is spot on. Using butter on a mid-high grill is tricky. Recommend lower the grill to low to cook off some of the butter and then raising the the temp to high.

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