Great Salad recipes for Barbecue

The Neelys whip up a classic salad that goes great with barbecue ribs. Elbow macaroni and ham are mixed with hard-boiled eggs, celery, relish and mayo for a creamy taste of summer.

Mesa Grill's Southwestern Potato Salad

Bobby's creamy potato salad gets a little Southwestern heat from chipotle pepper puree and a little cayenne.

Grilled Corn Salad with Lime, Red Chili and Cotija

Bobby grills corn in its own husks to protect it before taking the smoky kernels off the cob and tossing them with Cotija cheese, lime juice, lime zest, ancho chile powder and creme fraiche.

Artichoke and Tomato Panzanella

"I love my Artichoke and Tomato Panzanella, " says Giada. "It is a great go-to recipe because I always have the ingredients in my pantry. All the colors and flavors of the tomatoes, artichokes, basil and olives make this a tasty and vibrant dish."

Broccoli Salad

Trisha packs a ton of flavors and textures into this one salad. Coating the broccoli in a mayonnaise-vinegar mixture allows the diced bacon, onion, raisins and sunflower seeds to adhere, so you get a bit of salt, crunch and sweetness in every bite.

Giada's Roman Summer Salad

Giada tops fresh summer tomatoes with briny olives and capers, then dresses the salad with a syrupy balsamic reduction.

Giada's Tri-Colore Orzo

Giada dresses up barbecue with this beautiful and delicious Italian take on pasta salad.

Tyler's Texas Coleslaw

This slaw is savory and sweet, with apples mixed in with the cabbage, along with mint and pecans. It's all tossed with an orange-chili dressing.

Bobby's German Potato Salad

German potato salad is dressed with a vinaigrette instead of mayo, and it usually has a little bacon added in. Bobby cooks the dressing for his potato salad in bacon drippings, then he dresses the cooked potatoes while they're hot so they soak in all the flavor.

BLT Pasta Salad

Transform the classic sandwich into a picnic-perfect pasta salad: Crispy bacon, ripe summer tomatoes and fresh lettuce pop against the creamy pasta spirals.

Bobby's Texas-Style Potato Salad with Mustard and Pickled Red Onions

Homemade pickled red onions, along with their liquid, are Bobby's secret ingredient for this potato salad. He also adds lots of mustard to the dressing for a pop of flavor.

Bobby's Creamy Cole Slaw

This is Bobby's basic, classic coleslaw, a sure crowd-pleaser that's on the table in 10 minutes.

Grilled Zucchini Salad with Lemon-Herb Vinaigrette and Shaved Romano and Toasted Pine Nuts

Zucchini sliced lengthwise grills up beautifully. Just toss it with some Romano cheese, crunchy pine nuts and a tangy vinaigrette to create a grill-master side dish.

Rachael's Easy Grilled Potato Salad

Grilled potatoes can be dry, but Rachael tosses them with an herby vinaigrette right off the grill so they soak in the moisture and flavor.

Guy's Black Bean and Corn Salad

Guy whips up a hearty summer salad with grilled sweet corn, black beans and more veggies.

Bobby's Quinoa Salad with Asparagus, Goat Cheese and Black Olives

Instead of pasta salad, Bobby mixes up a cool simple salad of quinoa, grilled asparagus and aged goat cheese dressed with a red wine vinaigrette. Go ahead and make it ahead and serve at room temperature.

Bobby's Whole Wheat Israeli Couscous Salad

Israeli couscous has a bigger pearl than regular couscous, and it's cooked like pasta. Bobby tosses it with grilled vegetables, along with cherry tomatoes and mozzarella, dressing it all with a balsamic vinaigrette.

Super-Zesty Potato Salad

Anne's secrets to standout potato salad? Tender red bliss potatoes, garlic, bacon and homemade mayonnaise.

Aaron's Classic Potato Salad

Aaron adds boiled eggs to his potato salad and dresses it with a hot Worcestershire-mayo mixture for a creamy side dish with a kick.

Asian Style Slaw

This easy coleslaw uses pre-shredded coleslaw mix from the grocery store. A few Asian ingredients give it a unique spin.

Roasted-Pepper Pasta Salad

Fresh roasted bell peppers and cute bite-sized balls of mozzarella make this a standout summer salad.

50 Potato Salad Recipes

Bring a different potato salad to every barbecue, picnic and potluck this summer.

Garden Bean Salad

Mix together garden-fresh beans with canned white beans for a hearty summer side flavored with fresh herbs and tangy apple cider vinegar.

Mediterranean Pasta Salad

This cheerful salad uses tricolor bowtie pasta and a slew of fresh Mediterranean ingredients — feta, oregano and black olives, to name a few — for a side dish bursting with bright flavor.

Cucumber Salad

Cool down your summer cookout with this quick and easy side salad.

Mix-and-Match Pasta Salad

Design your own perfect picnic salad with this guide from Food Network Magazine.

Tomato and Grilled Corn Salad with Almond Vinaigrette

Showcase the two seasonal favorites, tomatoes and corn, by dressing them with an almond vinaigrette and topping with crumbled goat cheese.

Pasta Salad with Steak, Bell Pepper, Green Beans and Bacon

Put a hearty spin on this summer staple by adding steak and bacon to pasta shells. Mayonnaise and sour cream combine for the ultimate creamy dressing with Parmesan cheese.

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