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My Very Scary Incident With a Metal Wire Cleaning BrushGrilling has long been a favorite American pastime, and goes without hesitation on holidays like Memorial Day or the 4th of July. It’s also something Americans use to gather the family together over the weekends and share in festivities. Much of this love of barbecuing links back to our forefathers but to one especially.America’s Love for Grilling and Some Little Known Facts Every Grilling Enthusiast Should Know George Washington, our first president was our first great barbecue enthusiast. He was known to host, attend and even crash any and all barbecues he could. George Washington was adamant about his diary and recorded many barbecuing events he attended or hosted. In fact he loved...

After Reading This, You Will No Longer Use Lighter Fluid or Instant Start Charcoal AgainLighter fluid and instant start charcoal have been widely used in barbecuing for a very long time. I know when I first started grilling it’s what I used and I thought nothing of it. As I spent more time on the grill and learned more about the art of barbequing I discovered there was a much better solution to getting the fire started and for many reasons. This better way was through the use of a really awesome tool called a charcoal starter, or some call it a chimney starter. Whatever you refer to it as, it’s a necessity in...

We all can remember when we started grilling and it is fun to think back to those days. There is one memory that sticks out in my mind very vividly and I thought you might enjoy the story as it is pretty funny. Feel free to comment below with your most vivid memories and experiences on the grill. I started grilling around the age of 13 on my homes classic 18” all black weber kettle. At this time grilling was more of a chore than a hobby, so I wasn’t always thrilled when my parents told me to get the...

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