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Different Barbecue Ideas

One of the best barbecue fundraiser ideas is to host a pit master competition between the top BBQ joints in your area. You can also raise funds the regular way by selling barbecue plates, but why not go the extra mile and turn it into a fun event?

Barbecue fundraiser ideas

So, what are some of the different barbecue fundraiser ideas you can use to raise more funds? A lot of people enjoy watching the pit masters do their thing and want to sample the tasty results from the different secret sauces used.

Ideas To Raise More Funds

  • Sell barbecue plates
  • Sell barbecue “to go” containers
  • Sell barbecue sauce, either bottled or special pit master mixes
  • Sell beverages to go with the barbecue
  • Sell 2-for-1 discount cards for pizza because people are already buying
  • Sell raffle chances for drawings for donated prizes
  • Do silent auctions for donated goods and services
  • Add extras to the event like craft beer tasting, eating contests, and radio stations on site
  • Go bigger with more barbecue contestants and bigger prize money in multiple categories

How to get a bigger crowd
The best idea for raising more funds is to get more people to attend your event. That means getting the word out about your barbecue fundraiser in every possible way.

Start with an attractive flyer that spells out all the details of your event – the who, what, why, when, and where are all important facts. So, include the name of your group and the type of fundraiser event with eye-catching graphics. Explain quickly why you are raising funds, when the event is taking place, and the location.

Barbecue Fundraiser Flyer
Create a fun event name & logo. Include a partial menu, ticket prices, and what it includes. If it’s an all-day competition, note judging schedule and other fun activities. Most importantly, include a map so people will know how to get there!

Next, you should pursue standard media coverage with a press release. Get the press release and flyer to all the local TV and radio stations as well as the newspaper. Have photos available on your website with links listed in your press release and on your flyer.

Use social media like a Facebook page and a Twitter account to get the word out online. Ask all your supporters to Like your Facebook page and tweet about your event to all their followers.

You can also make the event itself even more social by adding some live music, children’s games, craft beer tasting, and other activities that people will enjoy. Basically, more people will come to your event if there are lots of fun things to do. If not, then they’ll just pickup some barbecue and be on their way.

Hopefully, these barbecue fundraiser ideas will help you create a successful fundraising event that your group can do every year.

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