Weber grills ready to BBQ January 2015

Weber Bbq Nz

Hastings Central
Hawke's Bay
FREE SHIPPING NZ WIDE The complete range of Weber® products
Full specialist dealership and showroom
Hastings Weber BBQ Specialist
Contact us on 0800 182 182 or email or call into the Weber Specialist store Open 7am - 5pm Weekdays or 9am -2pm Saturday.


We are part of the licensed Weber Specialist Dealer network in NZ and we want you to know the full story about the Weber Qs and Gas Grills. Our experience shows the only disappointment that anyone ever has is when they buy the wrong model. It’s all because they didn’t do their homework. So we decided to do some homework for you. Just check out the differences in the models we offer and you’ll be able to choose the one that’s right for you. Remember the Specialist Q and Gas Grill models are only available at a licensed Weber Specialist Dealer.

Being a specialist means we have everything in the full range in store, including all the accessories as well as knowledgeable and trained sales team who can help find the best bbq to suit the customers needs.

Full Specialist Range of Weber BBQ's and Accessories. These specialist dealer products such as the high lid Q and the gas grill range are all available.


Weber Spirit Series:

Weber Spirit E310
Weber Spirit E320

Weber Genesis Series:

Weber Genesis E310
Weber Genesis E330

Weber Summit Series:

Weber Summit E470
Weber Summit E670

Weber Q Specialist Models:

Weber Q1200
Weber Q2200
Weber Q3200
Weber Q3600 Inbuilt

Black Weber Q range
Red Weber Q range





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