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I bought the Summit 470 in 2011. It has been a workhorse. Hits amazing temps, has a smoke box, rotisserie and sear burner. Just called to replace burners under 10 year warranty and "no questions asked" about warranty replacement. Replaced some other items at very reasonable prices and was not pressured to purchased anything. Buy Weber! Yes, I spent good money for my Weber but worth every dollar after buying other grills and getting 2-3 years life from $500 grills.

Would you recommend this product? YES

Type of Griller:


How Long Owned:

5 to 10 years

Durability: 5

Value: 5

Performance: 5

Quality: 5

Best BBQ I ever bought!!

Bought it in May & waited till now for a review, it is the Best BBQ I have ever bought! Great at holding heat so I am cooking using less propane gas. Love the popup rotisserie & the searing station. This is the first BBQ I owned with a side burner & actually used it a lot more than I thought I would. Easy to light & easy to clean, the cover held up in the hot sun, looks like new still. It is solid & well built & was easy to assemble out of the box, all you have to do is follow the instructions carefully & you should have no problems. Been wanting a Weber BBQ for a long time & the wait was worth it !

Less than a year

If you can't get great results on this grill quite cooking and eat out.

Had my 470 for a couple of years now and can't imagine being without it. I have grilled for years and years over everything from wood fires, to a Weber Kettle for years and now my Summit. Nothing could make grilling simpler or more enjoyable than this grill. Compared to other grills I have had this is a very easy grill to maintain and clean. For me the true test of a good gas grill is heating performance across the grilling surface. I find my Summit to heat very evenly. I was warned that the back left corner tended to run a bit hot. For some it may but it does not for me.

For the novice griller the included cooking chart is outstanding. Just for fun I grilled some steaks to the chart recommendation instead of my normal view and touch method of doneness. I didn't cheat and check, just followed the listed times. The cooking chart was spot on and the steaks were a nice medium rare, just the way the wife & I like them.

We generally grill 3 to 4 times a week in nice weather and this grill looks and acts like it was brand new. You can't go wrong with a Weber Summit grill.

1 to 5 years

Hands down worth every penny

Before the Weber Summit I just assumed your grill would rust out in under three years and you'd be lucky if your starter worked for more than a year. I've had the summit for 6 years and it still looks brand new. Each burner has its own igniter and until this year they all started every time. This year one of them stopped working consistently but it makes no difference since it ignites after the other three are lit. I did have one knob break but Weber customer service is amazing and instead of making me buy the knobs in a package they only charged me for one but sent the entire package. The seat burner went out this year and when I called to order a new one I was informed it was covered under warranty and that they'd send a new one right away. You can't beat Weber's customer service. The infrared and rotisserie are amazing and really enhanced your outdoor cooking options. I know th grill costs roughly 4-5 times more than a cheap grill but you can't beat not having to build a new one every two years that even new wont give you the reliability, consistency, or experience of this grill after 6 years.

I Love This Grill!

I spent most of my life using cheaper charcoal grills. In 2007, my wife suggested a gas grill. We bought a cheap one and used it like crazy. . . it lasted less than two years. In 2009 she bought me a "better" grill and we used it like crazy. Last winter, it was pretty well shot and replacement parts were impossible to locate. We started shopping. . . I saw the S-470, but wanted something cheaper - it was more than 3x the price of the grill I had. I kept shopping, but I also kept coming back to the S-470. I'd had a Weber kettle grill for about 10 years and liked the quality. At the end of May 2015, I broke down and bought the Summit. Best decision I've every made!

The difference in quality construction between the Summit and any other grill is unbelievable. It is absolutely rock solid! Temperature is even from side to side and cooking times for the same cuts of meat are consistent time after time. We've cooked everything from thick Delmonicos to thinner Ribeyes, from pork chops to pork roasts, from bone in chicken breast to rotisserie'd roasters, and the only time there's ever been a problem is when Mr. Genius here gets distracted and burns something. It grills everything perfectly! We used it all winter long - absolute perfection! In addition, it came with the Gourmet BBQ system, so we've purchased a number of the accessories. Never had a Wok that hot! It's fantastic! We even bought the pizza stone and it does a great job! We've used this grill like crazy - not every day, but far more than the "once a week" choice I had to select.

If you're looking to move up from the lesser brands, the Summit is the way to go. Yeah. . . the price is a little hard to swallow, but the warranty times are impressive, and while I haven't had to deal with Weber, everything I've read says they are great to deal with. . . A great grill that will last a lot of years will undoubtedly be cheaper in the long run. Get the Summit! You'll be very glad you did!

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