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Traditional Barbecue

Simplicity is the key word in our operation. To this day, the atmosphere and cooking methods have virtually remained unchanged, evoking a pleasant step back in time.

Our Classic Barbecue is made from pork hams, slowly cooked overnight, and served fresh daily with our savory tangy tomato and vinegar based sauce that has remained the same since the 1940’s. Our Brunswick stew, an old family recipe from the late 1890’s, is produced using the highest quality ingredients such as 100% eye of round roast beef.

What makes Fresh Air unique is the old-fashioned wood burning pit that many consider to be a working piece of Southern Barbecue History. Wood is a very important aspect of cooking barbecue, giving it a distinct flavor. Fresh Air only uses a combination of Hickory and Oak. We take great pride in cooking our food the same way it has been cooked for over 80 years. The design of the pit was invented by Toots Caston, founder of Fresh Air Bar-B-Que, in the 1940’s and remains unchanged to this day. The pit is very labor and time intensive and requires many hours of tending to, even through the night in order to cook our hams in a traditional manner. We operate our pit 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Toots believed in keeping with tradition and serving a good quality product, everything produced by Fresh Air had to meet his standards. To this day George and David Barber, Toots’ grandsons, continue to carry on the legacy of their grandfather by upholding the same ideals by selling a superior and consistent product without cutting corners and using the traditional slow-cooking process and recipes for 80 plus years.

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