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Check out our grilling and barbecue advice to ensure your pork experiences are full of mouthwatering meals and happy guests – anytime of the year!


Grilling is the method of cooking pork over direct or indirect heat on an electric, gas or charcoal grill.

Direct grilling is when pork is cooked on a grate directly over a dry heat source. Direct grilling can be done on a gas or charcoal grill and is the best method for tender, quick-cooking cuts of meat. Ideal direct grilling pork cuts include:

Because pork cuts will cook differently depending on the cut size and thickness, it is important to monitor pork with a digital thermometer. Pork cuts such as chops and tenderloin are best enjoyed between 145 degrees F. (medium rare) and 160 degrees F. (medium), with a 3 minute rest time after leaving the grill. Ground pork should always be cooked to 160 degrees F. For cooking guidance based on cuts, see our handy pork temperature cooking chart.


Barbecuing is the long, slow roasting of pork using charcoal, hardwoods or gas as both a heat source and an addition of flavor. Barbecue as a technique is ideal for large and less tender cuts.

The delicious outcome of barbecue can be achieved with indirect grilling (or grill roasting), when a grill is used and the pork is placed to the side (not directly over) the heat source. Indirect grilling avoids burning meat on the outside while cooking through on the inside. If using charcoal, create an empty space between charcoal mounds in the center of the grill to place a foil drip pan. Place the pork cut in the center of the grate over the drip pan. Keep the grill covered and adjust grill vents to maintain the desired temperature. When using a gas grill, light one side of the grill but keep the other side off. Place the drip pan on the unheated side and the pork on the grate over the drip pan.

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