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Since the day Sugarhouse Barbeque Company first opened its doors as Redbones in 1996, food critics and newspaper reviewers have raved about the only place to get true Memphis style ribs in Salt Lake City. No matter the name, the consensus is the same: this place is good. But don’t take our word for it.

Salt Lake Tribune, 1996
“Whether you order the Signature Memphis-Style Ribs or the slightly smaller Baby-Back Ribs, rest assured that they are dry-rubbed, then slow smoked for 14 hours before being served. … Smithers is proud of his barbecue and hand-rubs the ribs, roasts and chickens with a special dry spice mixture, allowing the flavors to marry for at least 24 hours. Only then are they slowly smoked and cooked over hickory and other woods to achieve the “red ring” that is noticeable in every rib. Barbecue sauce never is used in cooking; rather, it is served separately. …The pork is freshly pulled and mounded high. Add a touch of sauce and experience nirvana. By the same respect, these folks know how to cook brisket —long, slow and perfectly tender, with the rich taste that only those with a dedicated knowledge of beef understand.”

Deseret News, 1997
“The ribs, lean and succulent, were so tender the meat just fell from the bones. They offer two kinds of pork ribs at Redbones, their signature ”Memphis-Style Dry Rubbed” ribs which are a little larger and quite meaty, and their baby back ribs, lean and slightly smaller with a higher ”meat-to-bone” ratio. …The two side dishes that come with every meal are not just there for color. They’re original and oh-so-scrumptious. They include French potato salad, steamed brown rice, creamy cole slaw, Boston cucumber salad, spicy Indian chick peas, Santa Fe bean chili, Mediterranean pasta salad, Persian carrots, Italian sautéed cabbage, Greek oven-roasted potatoes and barbecue beans. …We here in Utah no longer have to apologize for a dearth of decent barbecue.”

Private Eye Weekly, Best of Utah: Barbeque, 1997
“…occasionally one stumbles upon pleasant surprises in life, like winning at Powerball, learning that Claudia Schiffer has dumped her magician beau, or discovering an authentic Memphis-style barbecue restaurant, like Redbones.”

City Weekly, Best of Utah: Barbeque, 1998
“Bypassing the Texas sauce method…Memphis natives instead rub their meats in salt and spices, broil, then apply the finishing touch with a true cherry-wood...

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