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On warm days and nights, there is nothing quite like a backyard BBQ. The smells of charcoal, smoke and meat cooking over an open flame are some of the most iconic scents of summer. But a great backyard BBQ would not be complete without great wine to wash down all the food. To help you take your BBQ to the next level, we’ve selected five of the most popular wine varietals out there, and paired them with some of the most popular BBQ dishes.

Don’t see your favorite BBQ dish on the list? Not to worry. Consider the dishes we chose as a guide that can help you in your selection.wine pairings for bbq So, if you’re a fan of a dish such as shrimp on the barbie, simply select one of the wine choices we gave for lobster, as both are crustaceans. And, if you want to learn more about each wine we chose, we have a link to our Wine 101 about each below the infographic.

Learn About The Wines We Recommend

Wine 101 is our short, plain-English guide to drinking and enjoying wine. If our suggestions have got you curious (and thirsty!), you can learn more about each of the grapes and wines:

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