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Yummmmy! I also like a little more veg in my potato salad - I add diced cucumber & some diced red or green bell pepper for color. And for a little heat, try a splash of Tabasco or some red peppe...

Different and delicious! I was concerned that the barbeque flavor would be overwhelming, but it wasn't. Just the right amount of barbeque flavor! I kept going back for seconds (and thirds)! I ...

I was really surprised at how good this is! I usually prefer potato salad without onions, but I tried this both ways, and the onions really bring out the flavor. I used a milder, sweet onion...

This is an AWESOME potato salad! I scaled the recipe back, used green onion instead of red 'cause that's all I had and just did the mayo and bbq sauce to taste. I LOVED the sweetness that the bb...

This was a great potato salad. I am always up for making different version of potato salads and thought this with the bbq sauce sounded like a good one. I made half the recipe since this recip...

I took this to a barbeque this weekend and it was a hit with everyone. I must say it was better the next day! I made it exactly as the recipe stated with the exception I added chopped celery a...

One of my favorite potato salads, and so easy to make! Everyone enjoys a little twist on a traditional recipe.

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