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Scoring the meat before marinating it allows the flavours to penetrate fully and helps prevent the steak from curling on the grill. Tender rice noodles and a trio of green herbs define this fresh Asian main. If you can find Thai basil, use it here for authentic flavour. Read the recipe here.

In this perfect spring salad, salmon and its pan juices become a topping for a tangle of sprightly greens dressed with a tangy lemon vinaigrette. Pea shoots, the clippings from young pea plants, have a mild pealike flavour. Look for them at well-stocked grocery stores, farmers' markets or Asian markets-or substitute additional watercress. Read the recipe here.

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This simple salad is very healthful and high in fiber. Wheat berries are whole kernels of wheat, and their mild flavour lets this savory Asian-inspired dressing shine. Carrots and snow peas mark this as a springtime dish. Look for interesting varieties of carrots in different colours, and use a mandoline to slice them paper-thin. Read the recipe here.

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Pomegranate molasses, a Middle Eastern specialty, has hints of fruitiness and a concentrated sweet-sour taste. Here, its intensity combines with lemon juice and olive oil to create a dressing with full-ranging flavour. If you have a choice of bulgur styles, choose a medium grind to stand up to the hearty beans, nuts and dried fruits. Read the recipe.

Tangy raw rhubarb is a bright, refreshing match to the creamy cheese and earthy nuts in this salad. To prepare rhubarb, first trim away any leaves-they should not be eaten. Since you're slicing the rhubarb paper-thin, it's not necessary to remove the fibrous strings as is done for other preparations. Read the recipe here.

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Walnut oil has a rather short shelf life, only six to eight months. To forestall spoilage, check the date of the pressing on the label to make sure the oil is fairly fresh and store it in the refrigerator. Read the recipe here.

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As you sit down to eat this salad, it won't be hard to imagine you are in coastal Italy, sipping a glass of crisp vino bianco while enjoying a mix of fresh calamari, velvety white beans and sweet roasted peppers tossed in a citrus-and-garlic dressing. Read the recipe here.

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Shredding and briefly blanching kale for a salad softens its sturdy texture but keeps it crunchy enough to support hearty, heavier ingredients like hard-cooked eggs and pancetta. The kale can be left raw, too, for a crunchier effect. Read the recipe here.

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In early spring, start checking your local farmers' market for fava greens, which are the leaves from the fava bean plant. They are a boon to fava bean lovers who often avoid the legume for its highly demanding prep. The leaves taste milder than the beans and are delicious in salads, contributing a touch of sweetness and acidity. Read the recipe here.

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Halloumi is a firm cheese that originated in Cypress but is increasingly made domestically. Its claim to fame is that it holds its shape when grilled or fried. Preserved lemon, more intense in flavour than fresh lemon, is available in specialty food shops or can be made at home (see related recipe at left). Read recipe here.

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