Deep South Dish: Cookout and

Southern Grilled Recipes

Looking for recipes for the grill? I love summertime and living in the South, there tends to be a lot of it so I’m always in search of great grill recipes.

I just bought a new gas grill so I’m pretty excited and ready to do some serious grilling. I'm no expert when it comes to grilling but I'll be happy to share the little bit of knowledge I have with you.

Grill Tips:

**Preheat your grill If you don't, your food will stick. According to The Cook’s Illustrated Guide to Grilling and Barbecue, to check to see if your gas or charcoal grill is ready to cook on, you will only be able to hold your hand five inches above the grate for two seconds if the fire is “hot” and three to four seconds if the fire is “medium-hot.”

**Oil the Grates Once the grates are clean, put some canola oil on a paper towel and use tongs to run the oiled paper towel across the grates before putting your food on the grill.

**Food Safety Use an instant read thermometer to check meats to make sure they are done.

**Sauce later Wait until about 10 before your meat is finished to apply the sauce. Most sauce contains sugar and will burn long before the meat is done.

I’ve listed some of my favorite grill recipes and other summertime favorites here and I’m sure you are gonna love them as much as I do.

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