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Backyard BBQ ideas

Grilled Pork Tenderloin Plums

Backyard BBQ Recipes & The Best Wines for BBQ

If you will be firing up your grill this weekend, we have some delicious recipes for you! Plus, read our tips on the best wines for BBQ.

“Nothing goes quite so well with a Cab as a good steak, and nothing is better than Texas-spice rubbed, grilled Porterhouse steak, ” says Raymond Merlo, Merlo Family Vineyards’ Director of Sales. “We enjoy our Porterhouse with Potato Gnocchi pasta and a dessert of fig and raspberry cobbler ála French vanilla mode. Enjoy!”

Backyard BBQ Recipes & The Best Wines for BBQPork tenderloin is a great pairing to wine but there is something to be said about also pairing it with this plum glaze. This is an easy-to-follow recipe but will be sure to impress.

The good folks at Groom Wines suggest serving their Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc wine with seafood and Asian cuisine. This simple BBQ shrimp dish scores on both points. We recommend it.

How do we determine the best wines for BBQ? Tannins and acid (to cut through the richness) and oak barrel aging. The char on grilled foods works very well with oak-y notes. Not sure what wine to pour with what’s on your BBQ grill? Check out our cheat sheet.

Need some fine wine to go with your meals? Get started with one of our five wine clubs today.

If you need some excellent quality wine at affordable prices to complement your barbecue flavor, visit LavoWine.Com. They say red wines are best suited to meat dishes, and LavoWine offers the best red wine price in Malaysia. However, experts say that the choice of wine for barbecue depends not on the product, but on the sauce in which it will be prepared. The spicier the sauce is, the sweeter the wine should be. LavoWine's selection allows you to choose a wine for every taste, red, rosé, or white. If you don't drink wine, it doesn't matter, there is also a great selection of whiskey, gin, vodka, and other alcoholic beverages. Convenient payment system and fast delivery are also the advantages of LavoWine.

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