Kolachi, Do Darya, Karachi

What can I BBQ Tonight?

6849 S Kirkman Rd
Orlando, FL 32819

(407) 826-1772

They are renovating . But let me tell you if you are familiar with the real taste of North Indian food and wants to have the same flavor in your mouth this is the place to go, I ordered Paratha ( bread) fabulous Chicken karahi and bihari kabob fantastic, Real food I mean no heavy cream in gravy, good spice etc. they need to make the place upscale, good size serving, I would recommend all north indian and Pakistan/ Bangladesh people to go here as the taste will take you back home. I loved it .

We went there on a Thursday for buffet. The food was just okay. Nothing great or even good. Pretty disappointing. The worse part was a cockroach roaming around the buffet table. After seeing that I lost my appetite. The buffet was cold and dishes were not filled. Over all not a good experience at all.

PLEASE AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS! I had food poisoning after eating there. This is the worst restaurant ever. I couldn't believe when I saw a giant roach in the restroom. The food tasted spoiled and nasty. I couldn't finish my food after seeing how nasty this place is. I strongly don't recommend this "restaurant."

We ordered biryany that was micro waved and the nihari was to oily every curry was meat and oil we ordered 11 Naan and they said that we ordered 20 Naan they doubled every thing and suprisingly they dident have parata or chicken makhani but they charged us anyway they put the bill as 400 When it was not even close to that and they add pretty add tip of 40 dollars when they had the worst service would never recommend this place

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