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Sides for BBQ Sandwiches

BBQ Sandwiches Your choice of Pulled Pork, Beef Brisket, Smoked Turkey, Pulled Chicken BBQ bologna, Okie Joe, BBQ Sausage, or Hot Link Reg.Jumbo . Ribs Choice of any sides Rib Dinner (/ Slab) . Slab Dinner ( Full Slab) . Ribs and One Meat Dinner Ribs and chicken . Just Ribs Full Slab of Ribs . Short End . Long End . Grand Champion Platter .—Add section Feature’s Joe’s award-winning meats: brisket, pulled pork, bologna, turkey, sausage, hot link, and ribs. Platter includes sides: BBQ beans, spicy slaw, &potato salad, along w/ Texas toast, pickles, & onions. Serves Specialty Sandwiches CarolinaDescription change: move “or” to between turkey and pulled chicken + a comma. Hog HeavenTake off “sliced” in sausage description Lean and Mean . Smoked Pulled ChickenTitle: “Smoked Pulled Chicken Sandwich” – description: Pullled Chicken w/ BBQ Mayo, lettuce, & tomato on a kaiser bun Burnt End SandwichDescription: Burnt Ends on a kaiser bun Joe’s Dipped BrisketDescription at the end: “ with smoked provolone and a side of au jus BarbeQulossal Description change: “Sliced brisket topped w/ smoked provolone and two onion rings on a kaiser bun Chicken BarbeQulossal . Burnt End BarbeQulossal . Combo SandwichDescription: two meats of your choice on a jumbo size bun Loaded Baked Potato Section missing BBQ Dinners Choice of any two sides Ribs and One Meat Dinner Ribs and chicken . Smoked Chicken DinnerDescription: ½ Smoked bone-in chicken One Meat Dinner Two Meat Dinner Burnt End Dinner . Add a rib for only $. per bone! Meat by the Pound Brisket . Burnt EndsAdd Chicken to the Meat by the Pound Section / Chicken Full Chicken . Salads Mandarin Q SaladDescription: Warm pulled pork w/ mandarin oranges, red peppers, carrots, and sesame ginger dressing, topped with a sprinkle of honeyed pecans . BBQ Chicken SaladDescription: Pulled Chicken with corn, black beans, red peppers, red onions, and corn chips with ranch dressing Turkey SaladDescription: Sliced Smoked Turkey, baby spinach leaves, dried cranberries, crumbled feta cheese, balsamic glaze, topped with a sprinkle of honeyed pecans and your choice of dressing. Side Tossed Salad . Sides Side . Cup . Pint . Quart . / Gallon . Smoked White Chicken Chili Side . Cup . Pint . Quart . / Gallon . French Fries . Onion Rings . Okra . Sweet Potato Fries . House BBQ Chips Large Bag/ Side . Macaroni and Cheese . Cornbread . Green Beans . ** Remove potato salad section with pricing. List pot. salad with beans and slaw Kids Menu Chicken Licken’ Strips . Remove: Adult Kids Meal Change all prices to $. EXCEPT “Rib It” ( Rib bones) $. Drinks Soft Drinks . Bottled Water . Kid’s Drink . Domestic Beer . Premium Beer . Desserts Joe’s Cherry Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce . Fried Pies . Cookie .- price Brownie .- price Family Pack* Feeds - Folks . lbs of meat of your choice Two Pints of Sides of your choice Texas Toast BBQ Sauce Pickles * The Pitmaster* Feeds - Folks, Pounds of Meat of your choice, Three Pints of Sides of your choice, Loaf of Bread, BBQ Sauce, &Pickles The Rib Festival . Two Full Racks of Ribs, three pints of sides of your choice, loaf of bread, BBQ sauce, &pickles *Setups Sold Separately *Does not include burnt ends, sliced brisket, or ribs Daily Specials Any BBQ Sandwich RegJumbo . Served with a side of your choice and a drink. Hog Heaven . Served with Fries and Drink Carolina Sandwich . Served with Fries and Drink BarbeQulossal . Served with Fries and Drink Smoked Chicken Dinner . Burnt End Dinner with Free Drink . Full Slab of Ribs . Grand Champion Platter .

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