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Mixed GrillI get a lot of my dinner inspiration from food forums. There''s nothing like chatting about food to make you hungry and once some dishes are in your head you just can't get the out. One such dish (well meal really) was the mixed grill, discussed earlier today and making it to the top spot in the race to be eaten by me. I didn't really have an idea as to what my perfect mixed grill was but after reading everyone else's thoughts I settled on this. Chips came up on most too but the sheer volume of meat seemed enough to me so I made like I was on the Atkins diet and headed to the supermarket.

It's one of those dishes that's a free for all, whatever takes your fancy or fits the theme (a lamb mix maybe?), but here's a recipe nonetheless. It was a gorgeous meal but with 480gr/1lb 1oz of red meat per person it probably shouldn't be eaten too frequently.

Mixed Grill, for 2 people

1 Rib-eye steak, 10 oz/300gr
1 Gammon steak
2 Lamb chops
2 Chipolatas
2 Lamb's kidneys
2 Big mushrooms
2 Tomatoes


Normally I'd griddle or fry a steak but someone mentioned the whole point about a mixed grill is it's grilled. I tried to resist but I couldn't fault the logic and so the first step was to wack the grill up to heat.

I thought the mushroom and tomatoes would need a bit longer so I halved the toms, oiled the mushrooms and then placed them under the grill as it warmed.

For the meat it's simply a case of halving the steaks, gammon and kidneys - giving the kidneys a core if you think they need it. It goes without saying that they need a good season with salt and pepper, well all except the gammon anyway which i think is fine by itself.

The steak and chop were thick and the chipolata thin so I thought they'd all be fine with 3 minutes a side. It worked out perfectly too with the steak red, the lamb and kidneys pink and the gammon and sausage moist.

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