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Best side Dishes for Grilling

Burgers, ribs, hot dogs: The main course at the BBQ always gets the glory. But everyone knows where it’s really at: the sides. Whether it’s the traditional potato salad that’s been showing up at the family party for years or an unexpected grilled vegetable that has the crowd fighting for seconds, side dishes complete any barbecue. They’re the wind beneath the burger’s wings, and today, we’re giving them the spotlight.

This pretty salad may throw your pals for a loop, but once they dig in, they won’t be able to hold back. It’s savory, refreshing and seriously satisfying.

Grilled halloumi might be one of the most underrated ingredients out there. Charred on the grill, this salty Greek cheese is perfect with bright tomatoes.

The apricot romesco ramps up this traditional side about 100 notches. You’ll want to put it on everything.

Leave the traditional potato salad for your grandmother’s party and go with this guy. So hot right now.

While you’re getting a little wild, hit your standard guacamole with some Southern charm. Charred poblano peppers impart a smoky flavor you’ll crave for all future guacamole.

If creamed spinach is the quintessential steakhouse side, we vote for making these creamed spinach hush puppies the new classic BBQ side. Hey, we can dream.

Roll these crispy, yakitori-style shishito peppers in some salt, and you’ve got the most addictive side at the BBQ.

Grilled salad is one of the best recent summer trends, and this radicchio variety with yogurt and hazelnuts is one for the ages.

Bright and beautiful, these Chinese long beans are a simple way to bring color—literally and figuratively—to your BBQ. Add the garlic butter over top, and you’ve got a winner.

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