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BBQ Ribs Dinner

So Phil's does get a lot of press and other BBQ places are often compared to them. I have been eating here for years and have had the luxury of eating at some fine BBQ places all over the United States. I give Phil's 4 Stars overall for the reasons as follows.

They are very consistent if food quality regardless of the day or times I have eaten here. Phil's has a pretty decent selection of menu items and the prices are very reasonable. I would say they best things on the menu are their baby back ribs and onion rings. I guess the biggest contention from my friends who have tried Phil's is their BBQ sauce. You either love it or hate it. It has a tangy taste that I must admit is different then any other place I have had the pleasure of dining at. BTW, they also sell it at Costco and in the restaurant.

I usually get the Baby back or Chick Tickler. They come with french fries (I rate the fries average), 2 onion rings and coleslaw. All for less than 7 bucks. This alone is a very good portion size and most people will be full if they ate the entire meal. I also like the BBQ Broham (Pulled Pork Sandwich) seasoned and char-grilled, on a bed of Cole Slaw topped with BBQ sauce, Rib-less Dinner (chunks of pork shoulder seasoned and BBQ sauce) and the Beefy Rib & Chick-less Dinner (2 Bones with chunks of white breast meat chicken seasoned & BBQ'd).

A cool option they have is a 1 Bone Sampler Beef rib for only $3.95. I prefer babybacks over beef ribs, but sometimes I get the hanker for a hunk of beef and don't want to order a full or half rack. I get the 1 Bone Sample with a pulled pork sandwich and it really hits the spot! The colossal onion ring (small $3.95/large $5.95) rock! They go down perfect with ranch dressing and are not real greasy like some other onion rings you get at other BBQ joints. The batter is awesome and I can almost down a small order by myself. Get one of the ticklers and they give you 2 with your meal.

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