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Today is July 4th and the Americans on our team are all smiles. So, it got us thinking about planning our own BBQ. After all, what’s better than good food accompanied by exploding lights in the sky? Add your friends to the equation and you’re guaranteed a memorable night. So, if you’re still weighing the benefits of grilling to your heart’s delight versus all the stress involved in event planning, hesitate no more. We’ve devised a handy guide on how to plan a BBQ in just 5 minutes. All you need is a cross-device, shareable, to-do list. Good thing Wunderlist delivers just that and a little more!

1. Set a date, time, and place

A lot of your time can be spent going back and forth between your friends deciding on when and where to throw the BBQ. The key here is to be decisive. Just select your favorite park and set a time. Then, create a list using an obvious title like “July 4th BBQ.” Add “Meet @ Duboce Park: 4pm” as the first to-do and star it to the top of your list with a due date and reminder so everyone knows exactly where everything is taking place. You can even add the Foursquare link of the location to the note.

2. Get inspired

As the host, you should create the main dish. To find ideas, find an online recipe that looks good (we’re all about cajun-style shrimp right now). Select the ingredient list and click on the Add to Wunderlist icon on your browser. This action will create a to-do within your list of choice, adding the highlighted text and website URL as a note.

This way, when you’re in the market, you can just take out your phone and check Wunderlist for a quick reminder of all the necessary ingredients. It’s handy to have Wunderlist across all your devices, so if you don’t have the app on your phone yet, download it here. You can even upgrade to Wunderlist Pro and Assign this recipe to yourself, so there’s no doubling up on dishes.

Is there any food a BBQ shouldn’t be without? Quickly add these items to your list. Make sure you don’t forget the non-edible items like charcoal, grill, picnic blankets and a jambox.

4. Invite your friends

Click on the sharing icon to invite your friends to the BBQ list. Simply enter their emails or connect with Facebook. Here’s a good opportunity to use Wunderlist Pro again to Assign each to-do to a friend, potluck style. And since Wunderlist is available across iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Windows and the Web, it doesn’t matter which type of device your friends are using. The only thing they need to worry about is being on time so they don’t miss out on the cold drinks.

5. It’s BBQ time!

It’s the day of the BBQ and you’re ready to season your meat or veggies. Pack the grill-ready food in an icebox and head over to the park. Along the way, you’ll get nice notifications in Activity Center as your friends check off items from the group’s list.

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