Hanger Steak with Olive Oil and Herbs

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Ridiculously delicious and simple. I throw everything in a zip-lock bag and marinate while I prep the rest of dinner before putting these on the grill. Super simple and delicious. I will make ...

Made this with fresh zucchini from the garden and my we all liked it. Would add a bit more salt next time.

Very easy recipe. The balsamic makes for a very nice finish to these zucchini. My zucchini hating husband even likes them like this.

Very good. I baked them uncovered for about 30 minutes at 375.

This was very tasty and simply! I loved it on the grill and will def do again. In addition to the zucchini I did the same with some mushrooms. The mushrooms don't take as long to cook but were r...

We tried this out last night using one zucchini that was pretty small. I halved it lengthwise and just eyeballed the seasonings. Hubs grilled this for a total of 6 minutes. Rather than bastin...

Lashgirl, you are the best! Your partner in life is a very lucky person! I made the zucchini on the grill but what I did with the last brush of balsamic was to spray it on the zucchini just abou...

Seconds after placing the zucchini on the grill, the aroma let me know that this was going to be something special. It was a big hit at our Fathers Day weekend cookout.

This was a good way to prepare zucchini on the grill, but I wish that the balsamic stuck to it a bit better. The olive oil coating on the spears made the vinegar bead up. I added an extra drizzl...

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