Best Gas Grill Recipes

Pulled Pork With Smokey Sweet Barbecue SauceFrom pulled pork barbecue to fish tacos, Char-Broil® has some of the best gas grill recipes for your next cookout. Gas grills cook quickly and cleanly — and some say it tastes better than charcoal. We won’t take sides in the gas vs. charcoal debate, but we know these five killer recipes will wow your guests.

Pulled Pork With Smoky Sweet Barbecue Sauce

You don’t have to buy a professional-grade smoker to enjoy delicious pulled pork barbecue. All you need is a gas grill and some indirect heat.Memphis Style Dry Rubbed Ribs Slow cook a pork butt for about 7 hours and make some homemade barbecue sauce. It’s perfect for a weekend with family and friends.

Memphis-Style Dry-Rubbed Ribs

Baby back ribs don’t have to be an all-day commitment. Take a trip to Memphis in your backyard with this simple recipe. A dynamite spice rub and whiskey wood chips make the flavor pop. You’ll be enjoying fall-off-the-bone ribs in just three hours.

Grilled Rack of Lamb with Rosemary-Mustard GlazeGrilled Rack of Lamb With Rosemary-Mustard Glaze

Grill up restaurant-quality rack of lamb in just 20 minutes. Lose the mint jelly. This rosemary-mustard glaze will give the lamb a bold taste. Using a two-zone fire will lock in flavor and ensure your chops are tender and delicious.

Quick Grilled Fish Tacos With Taco Sauce

This recipe is a healthy, fast and easy option that still makes an impressive meal without taking up too much of your day. Pick up some mahi-mahi, cod, halibut or another variety of flaky, white fish. Toss it in a grilling basket, whip up the fresh taco sauce and you’re done!

Quick Grilled Fish Tacos With Taco Sauce Grill Roasted Chicken With Sage

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