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Pretty Boho Bridesmaids Shoot | width=As a first time bridesmaid this year for my skin and blister, I've already had many ups and downs during the wedding planning, trying to prevent any ups and downs on the day. I won't lie, being a bridesmaid is sometimes tough (#firstworldproblems Lucy - Ed), but also incredibly rewarding. We're still 4 months away, but I've been busy organising the hen party for a while now, so there's been lots of discussion in the office about what to do. Hence this next instalment of my series of posts on Bridesmaid Duties - one thing that is a constant source of worry is how to manage the question of the dinero. Cash is always king (of concerns) and when organising a hen party you're juggling so many different people and budgets, it's something to really bear in mind. There's definitely been a switch to having hens that are more cost-effective and staying at home is really popular now, so today I've compiled my top list of 8 Cheap & Cheerful Ideas for a Hen Party at Home, to prove it can be just as fun and fab as a trip to Las Vegas, you just need to use a little more creativity - see what you think...

From the start of planning any Hen Party there are some key elements to remember and if you keep these 3 rules in mind you can't go far wrong:

  1. Know your bride and what she would enjoy.
  2. The main objective is to get all the pals together and celebrate the bride to be in all her glory.
  3. Make it fun!

Every bride is unique, some are super girlie girls that would love nothing more than a pink cinderella themed party, while others would rather get worked up with a full on day of activities.

1. Truly Old School - A Sleepover

Don't know about you, but one of my all time favourite things growing up was having my gal pals over for a sleepover. We may have grown up (a little) but the basic elements of a sleepover are still brilliant, plus now we can have some drinkies! It's perfect for a small group of close pals instead of going out on the razz, get together and have some proper chats.

Cocktails party at home.jpg Jonathan-Ryder-The-Kiss-of-Spring-Shoot | www.onefabday.com

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