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BBQ Platter ideas

Meat-and-Cheese-Platter-BoardHosting a BBQ or picnic? I like to keep things simple and unfussy, which is why a DIY Meat and Cheese Platter or Charcuterie is my go-to for easy entertaining.

All you need:

1) Cheese – I like 2-3 different varieties and textures like a Brie, a cheddar, Havarti and maybe a Swiss. Those are general crowd-pleasers if you’re hosting a big group. For the more adventurous, try a strong blue cheese, smoked Gouda or Oka. Cut the blocks into pretty triangles and arrange the slices in a line for your one-of-a-kind meat and cheese platter.

2) Fruit – Anything in-season is a bonus! But go for grapes, peaches, figs, sliced green apple or pear, strawberries, melon and anything that tastes good with cheese and looks ripe at the store. The more variety – the better the board. Cut everything up so it’s easy for guests to grab.

Meat-and-cheese-platter-picnic-ideas3) Dried Fruit & Nuts – Hit up a bulk store and buy dried apricots, pitted dates, pecans, walnuts or almonds to add a bit of flair to your meat and cheese platter

4) Meat – Order 150 grams each of different salami, proscuitto, hard dried spicy salami and refill the board as needed. Pate or fancy mortadella are also lovely.

5) Olives + Pickles – For a tangy bite. Scoop a big container from the deli.

6) Honey – Add a small ramekin of honey with a dipper so guests can drizzle honey on top of their cheese if they like.

7) Bread or Crackers – Put out big loaves of rustic bread like Italian, an olive foccacia or a French baguette. Cut a few slices to begin and leave a knife so people can cut their own. A basket of crackers are nice too.

8) Olive Oil – I also like to put out a small dish of olive oil with fresh rosemary inside it as a bread dipper.

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