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1029_2_1386776890Vibrant, seasonal veggies are just as capable of holding their own on a screaming hot barbecue as any type of meat or fish, but they’re often overlooked.

We’re here to change that with these delicious veggie barbecue recipes that not only bring colour, freshness and a hit of vibrancy to the party, but pack a hefty nutritional punch, too. So fire up the barbie, crack open some beers and make veggies the star of the show with these mouthwatering dishes.

Embrace whole veggies with some Mexican-style barbecued corn, topped with butter and a sprinkling of cheese for juicy, indulgent perfection. Or, chop up and skewer veg in between chunks of halloumi cheese for some Greek-inspired vegetable kebabs. For a veggie that can hold its own as a main, the stuffed sweet potato has it all.1404_13_1433167989 These require a little more love, but are totally worth the effort – just be sure to leave out the bacon if you want to keep them vegetarian-friendly.

Jamie’s falafels with grilled veg & salsa from his book 15-Minute Meals are a perfect addition to any barbecue. Delicious wrapped in tortillas, these versatile little patties can double up as a burger, too.

Jam-packed with nutrients, this brilliant veggie burger works like a charm, stacked with sliced avocado, onion rings and crisp lettuce inside a warm wholemeal bun.107_36_1434037650 Or you can mix it up with these super-easy mushroom burgers soaked in garlic and parsley butter. Make your bread extra special by drizzling over the buttery juice then top with lashings of mustard – perfect!

No barbecue would be complete without a fresh, crisp salad to complement your veggie mains. Celebrate traditional Italian flavours with this Caprese salad with grilled peppers – a vibrant dish bursting with vitamin C – or toss leftover halloumi with carrot and fennel ribbons in this Mediterranean-style salad bowl.

For an unexpected fruity twist, serve up some warm grilled peaches or juicy slices of pineapple with crème fraîche & mint. Gnarly bar-marks create a smoky charred flavour that contrasts incredibly with the sweet flesh.

So there you have it – our pick of the best veggie recipes that will hold their own at any summer barbecue. For more outdoor inspiration, check out our suggestions for the ultimate vegan barbecue, or head over to our barbecue recipes

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