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barbeque party ideas for a backyard BBQ party.These barbecue party ideas are a great way to do your backyard entertaining. Do you dream of the smell of smoking charcoal briquettes in the hot summer sun? Do you fantasize all winter long about shiny new barbecue tools and the zesty taste of the down-home barbecue sauces? Do you attend endless parties with the same old theme are you find yourself daydreaming about grilling steaks, ribs, burgers, chicken, or hot dogs? Are you sick and tired of the fancy food and costumes that go with the fancy theme parties? Are you having trouble waiting for a holiday that focuses on gathering outside and grilling food?

If you have answered "yes" to one or more of these questions, then you are going through "Barbecue Withdrawal". Don't laugh. This is very serious! The only cure is to host the biggest, best backyard barbecue party ever. Invite everyone on your block to come to your backyard for fun in the sun and to sample your famous barbecue recipes.

backyard Barbecue Invitations
Summon your neighbors with a personalized western invitation or a summer design, perfect for any barbecue feast. We love pairing an invitation with a fun western item; try slipping a bandana or a sheriff badge in the envelope (go with a padded one), your guests will be delighted!

There are also several barbeque party ideas you can employ to make your invitation really special. You may have to hand deliver (or pay extra for postage) on these invitations, but they are worth it:

  • Send each guest a piece of Tupperware with the details of the barbecue shindig inside. Invite each family to make their favorite side dish or dessert (to be placed in the Tupperware) to compliment your culinary creations. (The guests keep the Tupperware as a favor).
  • Invite your friends by hand-delivering specially made "barbecue bibs" entailing all of the party information. Roll the bibs and tie them with red and white ribbon for a festive look.
  • Hand-deliver barbecue sauces to your potential guests. There are so many different sauces to choose from that you can probably send everyone a different one. Create a label with party details and stick it around the bottle.
Whichever invitation you choose to send, your guests will be delighted to see that you made it special with a little extra touch.

Barbecue Decorations and Party Supplies

Welcome your guests with a personalized western banner hanging at the front of the house. Add a balloon bouquet with a big ol' cowboy boot balloon in it to the front of the walk or drive. With these great decorations out front everyone will know where the hoedown is!

Our favorite barbeque party ideas to help you set up your party space:

  • Set out several bales of hay for your guests to sit on. You can get them from your local garden or feed store, and they will add authenticity to your western bbq.
  • Set up a campfire area with a fire pit and some lawn chairs for the adults.
  • Wash tubs make great decorations and can double as drink bins if you fill them from ice.
  • On the side of the house or garage hang a few western wanted posters.
  • Don't forget to have some country western music playing!

BBQ Table Decorations and Menu
Western paper products are perfect for you wild west barbeque, and they’re better than washing those dishes in hot water over a campfire…believe you me! Pair them with a silverware bundle made of plastic silverware and a bandana as a napkin. Tie them closed with a piece of twine.

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