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smoked salmon recipeAt the end of the year we like to reflect and 2015 is no different. We’ve put together our Top 10 recipes that rated the highest with you, our favorite Traegerites. Let go of your bad decisions and bad tasting meals and tip your hat to 2016 - Traeger style. Start the new year out on the right foot by creating healthy, wood-fired food that your family and friends will rave about. Here are the 2015 Top 10 recipes to get you started.

10. Smoked Salmon

This wild caught salmon takes a quick marinade then smokes up fresh and flavorful. The layers of sweet and energetic flavors will give you salmon cravings for weeks to come.

flatbread pizza9. Flatbread Pizza 3 Ways

Build your own pizza and bake it right on the Traeger. It grills up great and with the hardwood smoke encircling the flatbread, each ingredient is amped to a higher level of flavor.

8. Simple Steak

This beefy steak cooks quickly on the Traeger yet tastes better than any steak house in your neck of the woods. Make this wood-fired meat any night of the week and feast like a king.

7. Salmon with a Balsamic Glaze

simple steak recipeTraeger this balsamic salmon up for a savory weeknight meal. It’s coated in balsamic glaze and pepper, which creates a sweet and vibrant flavor. Just add a wood fire and it will be a kick-ass dish.

6. Whole Smoked Chicken

This whole bird is brined overnight and stuffed with goodies. The flavor and moisture that the chicken retains is off the charts amazing, you’ll want to eat it for every meal.

5. Blooming Onion

This onion appetizer is blooming with hardwood smoke flavor and tastes sweet and zesty with every peel. Go big or go home when you fire up this tasty vegetable.

balsamic glazed salmon recipe4. Pulled Pork

This pork butt cooks hella low and slow and is spritzed with sweet apple juice to moisten the meat and make it juicy. Smother it in Traeger BBQ sauce and you’ll be the king of any BBQ competition.

3. Candied Salmon

This high protein snack has been a huge hit all year long. Smother that salmon in sweet brown sugar, soak it in gin, then smoke it low and slow. You’ll want to devour by the fistful.

2. Brined Brisket

A simple 3-ingredient brine will tenderize your hunk of ever-loving brisket, then give it a rub down of Traeger Beef Rub and let it smoke away. This heroic slab of beef tastes fan-Traeger-tastic.

1. BBQ Meatball Onion Bombs

These bacon wrapped meatballs are loaded with flavor and spices. They’re a quick and easy football party finger food that will have the crowd cheering.

whole smoked chicken recipe blooming onion recipe pulled pork recipe candied salmon recipe

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