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It's summertime, and that means cookouts and BBQs. But that also means a hike in cancer risk. Grillers' favorites like hot dogs and hamburgers, along with other red or processed meats, have been linked with an increased risk of colorectal cancer. And cooking by fire (or propane) can cause chemicals to form in food, which may also up your risk of stomach and colorectal cancer. So the experts at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston have come up with five simple tips for lowering your risks, by changing what and how you grill.

It’s summertime, and that means cookouts and barbecues. But that also means an increase in cancer risk — both from the act of cooking food on the fire and from the processed, red meats that commonly make their way onto the grill. So the experts at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston have come up with five simple tips to help lower your risk.

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