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Sunday BBQ ideas

Themed Food Day
Employees cook their favorite dishes and pay to eat – with proceeds going to United Way. Have a contest for the ‘Best Dish.’ Get a trophy at the Dollar Store and give the trophy to the winner.

  • Chili or Soup Cook-Off
  • Spaghetti Dinner
  • International/Ethnic Food Day
  • Side Dish Day

Bake Sale
Homemade or store bought items are brought in such as: cookies, pies, muffins, bars, cupcakes, fudge, and candy. Arrange baked items on a table to be seen and purchased throughout the day.

Christmas Cookie Sale
Call bakeries for cookie bids or make your own. Determine the cost and selling price. Have sign-up sheet to take preorders.

Potluck Luncheon
Participating employees bring a hot-dish, appetizer, salad, side, dessert, etc. to be shared. Paper products are also needed for this event. Employees pay to fill their plate and sample everything in the room.

Root Beer Float Sales
Seek donations or purchase root beer and vanilla ice cream. This popular event works well during lunch and breaks in the summertime. Remember a freezer will be needed to store the ice cream if the event is held all day.

Snack & Dessert Cart
Employees donate items; several carts travel around the building in the morning and afternoon and offer treats at a minimal cost. A new twist on the traditional bake sale.

Theme Lunches
Add fun to campaign week by hosting a theme lunch such as 50s, 60s, 70s, or 80s, holiday themes, TV shows, sports, etc.

Top Managers Cook for Employees
Have top managers cook a special breakfast for all donors. Another way to demonstrate employee appreciation.

More Food Ideas

  • Hot Dog Topping Bar
  • Top Your Sundae Bar
  • Baked Potato Bar
  • Smoothie Bar
  • Food Truck - Get a food truck to come on site (Swenson’s, Orange Truk, etc.) Some will donate a percentage back to the company.


“Fear Factor” Game
Group of executives are challenged to face off in events ranging from eating food blindfolded to picking items out of jars full of worms.

Identify the Baby Photo Contest
Employees bring in a favorite baby picture, writing their name on the backside. Pictures are numbered and posted on a bulletin board. Employees purchase a chance to match co-workers with baby pictures. When purchasing a chance, give purchaser a numbered sheet with blanks to write their guesses. Have them put their own name at the top and turn in. Employee with the greatest number correct wins a prize!

Indoor Mini Golf
This indoor event is great for swinging away those winter blues! To make the event a contest, have each department design a creative hole using only materials already in their department. Examples include: wastebaskets, letter trays, reams of paper, machine parts, etc. If possible include a shot from the roof. The employee committee rounds up some clubs and staffs the course during the lunch hour for the week of the campaign. Employees play the course as often as they like for a small fee. Prizes are awarded to the department with the most creative hole and to the best mini golfers.

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