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Summer is halfway through and if you haven’t already had a backyard barbeque, you’re probably planning on having one at some point. Even if you don’t own a grill but like having friends over, you understand how hard it can be to provide all of your guests with enough food and drink and not spend your entire paycheck. However, here are four summer BBQ ideas to keep in mind when doing your party planning and shopping to keep costs down. You don’t have to skimp on flavor or fun when it comes to throwing the perfect summer party.

1. Buy in bulk.

If you’re not a member of your local Sam’s Club or Costco, a party is a good reason to join. Buying your meat, booze, chips and dip, and even paper towels in bulk can save you a ton of money. These markets usually sell great quality meat and if there’s any extra, freeze it and use it another time. Yes, some people prefer to drink only top-shelf liquor, but you’ll cut costs by coming up with one signature cocktail for your gathering, using bulk booze to make it. Your guests can bring additional libations if they choose and let’s be honest, you can’t really tell what type of tequila is in a frozen margarita anyway.

2. DIY whenever possible.

Sure, it might seem easier to use a store-bought rub for your meat or cheese that’s already been sliced, but those short cuts come at a price. Why not try your grandmother’s homemade BBQ sauce recipe? Use fresh or frozen fruit for a drink mix instead of packaged chemicals? It might take a little extra effort, but you’ll definitely be able to taste the difference and see it in your checking account.

3. Never underestimate a classic.

While it’s fun to offer a few jazzed up items (because it’s a fact that everything tastes better with bacon wrapped around it), classic, inexpensive food and drinks are the reason everyone loves barbeque parties in the first place. Old school pasta and potato salads, patties on buns with cheese, and salty potato chips are all party staples that never go out of style.

4. Be a hostess with the mostest.

Remember there are a lot of elements that come together to make a successful party. There’s the food and drinks, the guest list, décor (if necessary), lighting, and music. However, if you prepare, you’ll have all of those things completely under control. For example, create a playlist of all of your favorite party jams and make it long enough so that you don’t have to touch it all night long. This is a lot cheaper than paying a DJ and you are in total control of the mood of your get-together.

Preparing for and hosting parties is always a little bit stressful, so minimize your anxiety by planning ahead and taking simple precautions so you don’t spend all of your savings. Remember, this is a summertime BBQ, it’s supposed to be a blast!

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